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Questions you might have F.A.Qs

Who is this guide for?

While the information in this guide is beneficial as a reference for both hobbyist themers and professional theme developers, its mostly targeted towards the latter.

What about this function?

This guide is hopefully the first of many. There is only so much that could reasonably fit in one guide. Its not THE definitive guide. At least, not yet. If you'd like a certain theme feature, function or filter covered in the next guide, please get in touch.

.ePub and .Mobi formats.

The .epub and .mobi versions are provided for convenience but the PDF and the online versions of the guide are the best versions to use.

For mobile/portable viewing, the online guide is recommended since its responsive and will work on both iPhone and iPad.

24/7 access for how long?

You'll get updates to the downloadable guide for 1 full year. Changes to the online guide will be reflected immediately online.

WordPress moves fast. If you take a look at the WordPress roadmap you'll see that every 3-4 months there's a new release containing features primarily driven by ideas voted on by our users.

This guide will be continually updated to include new theme features and functions. In about a year, it'll be totally be a new product. It makes sense that the additional content should be spun off into an similar volume like this one.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with us either via email at any time if you have any questions about this particular guide or anything else in general.