Butter this. Butter that. What’s all this talk about butter?

If you’re just browsing, having yet to commit to joining wpnom and are one for the low-calorie meals, you might very well be confused—put off, even—by the seemingly arbitrary sprinkling of the word ‘butter’. You’ll notice though, that its mostly to prefix functions.

It’s certainly not an assertion that the obvious culinary superiority of butter far trumps whatever substitute that might be used as a key ingredient in baking awesome treats. Nope. Not at all!

‘Butter’ is the starter theme that you receive along with this guide. It includes the well-commented definition and implementation of all the features, functions & filters as covered in the guide. If you use butter as a starting point for your next project, it should then be easy to find/replace the ‘butter_’ function prefixes and make them your own.