You shouldn’t ever give a F. If you must, there’re only 3Fs you should give as a professional WordPress theme designer:
functions, features & filters.

People use and profit from WordPress differently but our focused interest at is in helping the professional theme designer become more efficient. The more streamlined your design process is, the faster you can design and develop.

When you routinely build solutions on top of WordPress, one of the keys to speeding up your development is to familiarize yourself with the key functions, features & filters. After a few years (or even months) of designing and developing WordPress themes, especially for clients, you start to realize that a lot of the functionality can be standardized or distilled down into a “starter theme or kit”. This helps get the development process started and moving along apace.

That’s essentially the goal: to bring to you WordPress theme design and development knowledge in bite-sized portions.

About “Key WordPress Functions…”

The Key WordPress Functions... guide is hopefully one of many to come from . The goal is to develop an ever-growing resource for WordPress theme makers.

As opposed to just telling you what we intend to do, we figured we’d actually SHOW you what we intend to do by offering the first of many WordPress theme designer guides. Your purchase of this guide (with one of the stay & learn plans) gives you access to new and continually updated WordPress theme design/development tips & tricks.

If you have any questions or general comments for or about wpnom, please get in touch with us.